Disability Communication

NCPD shares knowledge on disability, existing disability inclusive policies, laws and programs to persons with disabilities and the general public through regular and social media platforms at all levels.
This is for the purpose of putting emphasis on closing the public awareness and knowledge gap towards PWDs and disability rights, opportunities, needs, challenges and potentials. In the same vein, the public is educated about the existence and role of the Council.


Disability Communication
Disability communication will enlighten the public about the needs, potentials and challenges of person with disabilities. This is the leveling of the ground for the wider community to appreciate and understand their roles and responsibilities in disability inclusion.  Persons with disabilities will also access information on laws, policies and programs of government and non-government actors.

Strategic Objective: Increased knowledge among persons with disabilities and the general public on   disability.
Strategic Outputs

  • A communication strategy developed and implemented.
  • The annual disability status report developed  and disseminated.

A communication strategy developed and implemented

  • Develop and implement the communication strategy.
  • Build collaborative partnerships with all development partners, MDAs, CSO and private sector on awareness raising related to inclusion and human rights promotion
  • Develop and disseminate information, education and communication (IEC) materials in accessible formats.
  • Translate and disseminate existing legal frameworks and programmes for promoting disability rights in accessible formats and languages.
  • Develop popular versions of the existing laws and policies.
  • Mobilize persons with disabilities to participate in sports, music and drama for awareness creation.
  • Organize award ceremonies for recognizing best performers in disability inclusion.

The annual disability status report developed  and disseminated.

  • Compile and disseminate annual disability status reports  by the national, district and sub county councils
  • Compile regular reports on implementation of the CRPD  and other relevant national and international legal instruments which Uganda is a party .
  • Compile and disseminate annual report on the disability indicators of  the SDGs
  • Compile   regular reports on the implementation of the disability inclusive standards.