Three black men with varying disabilities sitting in a studio room.

Scaling Up Disability Communication

In our contemporary media-driven society, the representation of disability and effective communication surrounding it are more critical than ever. Acknowledging this, the Council has expanded its engagement with the media to amplify awareness of disability-related issues, the amended Persons with Disabilities Act of 2020, the Council's functions, and the potential impact of rationalization on disability inclusion and development in the nation. 

Three black men with varying disabilities sitting in a studio room.
The Chairperson of the Council Mr. Yona Waswa (L) and Council Member Dr. Coole Naboth at the taping of NBS Breakfast Meeting program


Council members, including the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Acting Executive Secretary, have participated in separate appearances on TV talk shows and radio programs. Their discussions have centred on addressing various challenges confronting persons with disabilities in the country and shedding light on the status of disability development efforts. 

A photo containing three people. One woman and two men in a tv studio setting
The Acting Executive Secretary Ms. Lillian Namukasa and Council Member Dr. Coole Naboth at Spirit TV studios


This concerted effort aims to foster a more inclusive society and to underscore the importance of disability rights and opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through increased visibility and dialogue, the Council endeavours to promote understanding, empathy, and positive change within the broader community. 


A photo containing a black woman interviewing a black man with a disability in a studio setting
Council Member Mr. James Mwesigye during an interview with NTV